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Elevating the masonry industry through technical expertise

Supported by our members, the Canada Masonry Design Centre is involved in many key areas to help equip designers with the tools and resources they need to design effectively

Services offered through CMDC

Technical Assistance

Whether it be for engineers, architects, masonry contractor members, or researchers, CMDC offers complimentary, informed, expert advice on everything masonry.

CMDC is funded by our member contractors, however, our engineering staff are here to provide objective and technically accurate advice to all eligible parties. CMDC does not, however, provide engineering consulting services, but rather, will work with designers and contractor members to resolve technical challenges, interpret standards clauses, handle unique detailing challenges, mitigate possible jobsite conflicts, or otherwise share our wealth of expertise in masonry materials, design, and construction.

CMDC engineering staff are located in offices around the country and are available through phone, video call, email correspondence, or site visits when necessary.

Seminars & Courses

CMDC provides educational content for:

  • Universities and Colleges,
  • Practicing Architects and Architectural Technicians,
  • Practicing Structural Engineers and Structural Technicians,
  • CMDC Contractor members

Our most popular and in-demand course is the Engineered Masonry Design Course (EMDC) which is a rough equivalent to a 4th year structural engineering undergraduate course. We supplement this larger course with a variety of other presentations, seminars, short courses, and lunch and learns.

At CMDC we have a commitment to ensuring graduates of post-secondary education have exposure to masonry. CMDC provides textbook donations, educational MASS Licenses, guest lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and site visits.

Consulting Services

CMDC will provide research-focused consulting activities typically with partner industry associations, government groups, universities, or similar groups.

We do not offer engineering services to the public.

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The Canada Masonry Design Centre helps members of the design community across the country by connecting them to the resources and supports they need. Contact us today and get the conversation started!

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