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Courses for Engineers

CMDC has been teaching university level courses for practicing engineers since 2003

The CMDC takes great pride in helping to educate the engineering community regarding the ins and outs of masonry design. Our most popular course has been the EMDC outlined below but if there is enough interest, we will investigate running an advanced masonry design course as well.

Update: CMDC is looking to announce a course in early 2024. Check back here or contact us and ask to have your name added to the waiting list

Engineered Masonry Design Course

The EMDC equips you with the tools and knowledge to design masonry confidently, effectively and efficiently. It has been offered to nearly 400 practicing engineers in Canada and is roughly equivalent to a 4th year undergraduate course in both scope and workload. The EMDC has now moved to a hybrid format which combines in-person lectures as well as live virtual lectures and tutorials. If you are interested in getting some more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can let you know about courses being offered in your area. They are planned and run based on interest and feedback from you so please contact us if you are interested.

The EMDC covers the following material:

  • CSA S304 -2014 (R2019) Edition
  • Relevant Masonry Codes and Standards
  • Introduction to Masonry Materials
  • Overview of Concrete Masonry Units
  • Overview of Clay Brick Units
  • Basic Design Principles
  • General Behaviour of Masonry Assemblages
  • Beam, Out-of-Plane Wall, and Shear Wall Design with examples done by hand and using the MASS software
  • Seismic Design Requirements
  • Requirements for Movement Joints and Construction Considerations
  • Design of Single Storey Post-Disaster Masonry Buildings with Design Example

This course has been created for designers that are knowledgeable in reinforced concrete design in order to quickly teach them the design of masonry elements. It is important that those who wish to enroll in this course have a good understanding of fundamental concrete analysis and design, structural mechanics and mechanics of materials, as well as a basic understanding of loads determination in accordance with the 2015/2020 editions of the National Building Code of Canada.

General Information

Since these courses are planned based on interest, specific details about potential courses are not set in stone. However, for planning purposes and to give you a general idea of what to expect, course estimates are outlined below:


Courses that have been run for engineers in southern Ontario have been hosted at our head office located in Mississauga. Courses that have been run elsewhere have been hosted in rented meeting spaces but if your office is able to provide a suitable space, it can help keep costs down.


Course fees will be announced when a date and venue have been arranged. CMDC does not run courses to make a profit and the cost is simply intended to cover costs and expenses.

In addition to instruction regarding the topics outlined earlier within this page, the cost also includes:

  • a copy of our textbook: Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design 2nd Canadian Edition by Banting and Drysdale
  • an evaluation copy of the masonry design software, MASS
  • electronic copies of masonry construction and material CSA Standards: CSA A82, A165, A179, A370, and A371
  • food and beverage during all in-class sessions
  • comprehensive feedback during tutorial sessions on example problems worked on in a group setting
  • a possible hands-on session where¬† masonry apprentices and instructors show you how to lay units

Course Requirements

The EMDC covers masonry design at a final year undergraduate level university course for civil/structural engineers. All course participants should have a firm grasp on the concepts and design philosophies used in reinforced concrete design. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding prerequisite knowledge.

In order to successfully complete the EMDC, all participants must finish with a final grade of 60% or higher. Upon completion, you will receive a letter with your final standing (pass/fail) as well as your grade. If you are successful, you will also be sent a framed certificate from CMDC.

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Want to be notified first when the next course is announced? Reach out to any of our team members or complete the form below and ask that your name and email be added to the course waiting list. As a courtesy, we will be contacting only waiting list recipients before registration is opened to everyone as we have not been able to keep up with demand. Thank you for your patience!

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